Smoked salmon waffles

Smoked salmon waffles

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Smoked salmon waffles are a very easy and yummy idea for an alternative lunch. What makes these waffles different from any other recipe is that we actually used Belgian waffles.
Smoked salmon waffles made with a Belgian waffles recipe are not something you commonly find on food blogs as a recipe. Let’s be honest. We must admit that Belgian waffles fit perfectly with sweet toppings. In fact, if you happened to view our recipe for Belgian waffles, you know that we made them for a lovely Sunday breakfast. They are great for a sweet delicious breakfast, but also for a dessert.

In spite of this, they were not too sweet so they fit perfectly with smoked salmon, smetana, and lemon, with some ground black pepper on the top. We had some waffles left and we wanted to avoid a second round of sweet waffles for the morning. We decided to opt for a savory dish. And we did not regret it at all. Why not try these smoked salmon waffles?

When making sweet Belgian waffles for four servings (two waffles each), we used 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, but feel free to slightly reduce that amount if you wish. Some recipes contain cinnamon as well when making the sweet ones, so definitely take it off the list of ingredients if you wish to use them with non-sweet toppings (and with sweet also, as we did).
The amount of salmon in this recipe is meant for four servings as well. Feel free to increase or reduce the amount based on your preferences.

Alternatives to Smoked salmon waffles

Our ingredients are quite easy to find but if for any reason you do not have salmon, or if you prefer vegetarian dishes, there are some alternatives you might want to try out. For instance, you can try sautéed mushrooms with caramelized onions and shredded Parmesan or Goat cheese and balsamic syrup. These two really sound super tasty and are worth a shot!
Alternatively, you may want to try Ham and Goat cheese or sautéed spinach with lemon.

I have to confess that our main issue when choosing toppings is more related to the main question: sweet or savory? Smoked salmon Waffles or Belgian waffles with Maple Syrup and berries?

We took the picture below to help us decide the following time. I mean, it will make it easier, won’t it?


How to store Smoked salmon waffles

As this recipe contains only fresh cold smoked salmon, lemon, smetana, and pepper, we really do not recommend storing it with ingredients on the top.
If you wish to refrigerate only the waffles, you can place them in the fridge for a maximum of 2-3 days, using an airtight container that would preserve the freshness.
If instead, you want to conserve them in the freezer, you can keep them for up to 3 months.

When it’s time to eat them again, you can use your microwave to heat them up for around 50 seconds, or the oven for 10 minutes at 150 °C. If you wish instead to take out the waffle iron again to heat the waffles up, you can of course do it. The suggestion is to pay more attention for them not to overcook or even burn.

As also said in our sweet Belgian Waffles recipe, you can also keep the batter in the fridge for a couple of days if properly closed in an airtight container.

Did you try to make these smoked salmon waffles? Please, let us know about the result and share any tips if you have. They are always very welcome.

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Smoked salmon Belgian waffles

Smoked salmon waffles

Smoked salmon waffles are a very easy and yummy idea for an alternative lunch. What makes these waffles different from any other recipe is that we actually used Belgian waffles.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 35 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Belgian
Servings 4 people


  • Belgian waffles batter
  • 600 grams Cold smoked salmon or gravlax
  • 400 grams Smetana or crème fraîche
  • 1 Lemon
  • Black pepper


  • Follow our recipe to prepare the batter for the waffles
  • Prepare the ingredients. Cut the lemon into slices, prepare the salmon by separating the slices, and take out smetana and pepper.
  • Once the waffles are ready, serve them on a table, adding one / two slices of smoked salmon and half a slice of lemon on the top. Add a spoonful of smetana on the salmon or on the side. Sprinkle some black pepper on top.


  • Gravlax is very similar to cold smoked salmon except that it is only cured with salt, and thus missing the smoky flavour of cold smoked salmon.
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