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We all have those days where we are in a hurry or we do not have any strength to cook complicated foods. Imagine you come back late from work or your children have tired you after an entire day out at a park. What to make in these cases? Well, salad is a great option. Why not try this salmon and egg salad?

It’s an easy and quick meal

It comes with no surprise that a salmon and egg salad is super easy to make, and also to eat. For this reason, we can definitely call it a quick meal. Boiling the egg will be the only task that will require a bit more time, but in 15 minutes your salad will be ready to be eaten

Salmon and egg salad – easy ingredients and their benefits

When preparing a salad, it’s very important to choose the right ingredients, in order to benefit as much as possibile from each ingredient. For this reason we have listed the most beneficial ingredients of this salad:

  • Cold smoked salmon, rich in protein, omega 3 fats, B vitamin, and potassium. Additionally, it helps to keep our bones healthy;
  • Egg, with no carbs and nil sugar, gluten-free, it helps bones, heart, and sight, it fights against allergies and it helps our skin;
  • Alfalfa sprouts, that have several vitamins. They reduce the risk of certain diseases, and help to control blood sugar:
  • Cherry tomatoes, full of vitamins and potassium. They also help to keep the weight under control.

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Salmon and egg salad

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Total Time 15 mins Servings: 2



  1. Boil the eggs in an egg boiler or using a pot.

  2. In the meantime, wash the salad and cherry tomatoes and then cut the latter in half.

  3. Cut the salmon into small pieces and start placing the ingredients into a bowl, adding lettuce, cherry tomatoes, salmon, alfalfa sprouts, and croutons.

  4. When the eggs are boiled, cool them down by using cold water and peel the shell. Cut them into slices.

  5. Mix some oil with some lemon juice and a pinch of pepper. Add the dressing to the bowl. Mix well. Then add the eggs on top. Serve.

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